28 and Feeling GREAT!

Sometimes I seriously cannot believe how quickly time is passing by. Last week I had turned 28 but it feels like I was just 18. I guess it’s a friendly reminder to really appreciate everyday and every moment that passes by! My birthday started off super cold and snowy but that seems to be the trend every year. I’m a pediatrics nurse at a special needs school and the kids made me a sweet card! It’s crazy how much you can love kids that don’t even belong to you!



After work I came home to my wonderful husband who was eagerly waiting for me to open up my card and gifts. I couldn’t stop laughing at his card because everything about it completely suits us. It also made me super excited because I think it’s the first card he’s gotten me that actually says wife! Oh it’s the little things… 🙂



I loved loved loved my gifts! A Kate Spade “MRS” necklace and a monogramed iPhone caseFullSizeRender_3


We headed off to dinner at the wonderful Amanda’s in Hoboken. We have been in Hoboken for almost 3 years and this was one spot we have been trying to get to. When we were here for Hurricane Sandy, Hoboken was completely devastated. There was no power and people started running out of food. Amanda’s graciously opened up and started serving free food on the sidewalk in front of their restaurant. Simply amazing. Dinner was spectacular as were the staff. Couldn’t of been happier with the choice to go here!


After dinner we headed to another spot in Hoboken called ArteVino where you paint and drink! It’s BYOB so it’s even more fun! When Mike had explained it to me, he basically said we would be doing a couples painting where I would paint one side of the picture and then he would paint the other. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous at first because he isn’t the most artistic/crafty person ever. All I could picture was one side looking all nice and the other like a 2nd grader did it! But low and behold, when we arrived, I realized we each had our own canvas so it wouldn’t be as terrible!






Voila! Our masterpieces! I think we actually did a pretty nice job, especially Mike! We both had so so so much fun and would definitely do it again! Now we are just trying to figure out where to hang it. We finally got to head back for my cake. I think I was looking forward to this part all day. Cake and ice cream are my two most favorite things. So what kind of cake did I get? A Coldstone cake! I was able to custom create my own which was pretty much a play on a funfetti cake with chocolate chip cookie dough and brownies! The worst part about the day was actually picking it up. The people at Coldstone in Hoboken gave me such a hard time trying to pick up my cake an hour early because they didn’t make it yet but they wouldn’t let me cancel my order and purchase a cake out of the fridge. In the end, they made me pay delivery for my own birthday cake an hour later. He was such a jerk about it too. But I didn’t let that ruin my day!



After a long, fun filled day, I was just about toast and was happy to have the best snuggle partner ever! This guy could win an award for being the best snuggler!


27 has been by far the best year yet as I had finally become Catholic, got married, went on an awesome honeymoon, traveled almost all of California, moved into a beautiful new apartment, and many other things. I am so incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful people that I have in my life and couldn’t imagine it without any of them. 27 is going to be hard to top but I have a feeling there are going to be big things to come this year!


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