The Baumann’s Are…….

We are super super excited to share with you our big news!

We are MOVING! We have taken an opportunity that we absolutely could not pass up on. Where are we going you ask? Germany! Frankfurt, Germany to be exact! It’s been in the works for a while and it has finally become official so we are beyond excited to be able to officially finally share the news! Telling our closest friends and family was so exciting!

For the Super Bowl, we had a party with a bunch of our friends. It’s hard for us all to get together since we all live so far away so I figured what better time to tell them since we’ll have most of them here! I made these cupcakes with the German flag on them and when half time came, Mike and I just started handing out cupcakes to everyone. Their reactions were priceless and very warming!



Last weekend, my entire family had gotten together for Chinese New Year. Only twice a year my entire family gets together and that is Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year. My dad is one of 7 siblings so we have a very huge family. I typically bake a dessert so I was afraid that me bringing something store bought was going to throw them off. We ordered a German Chocolate Cake from one of the best local bakeries called Minos Bakery. (Let me tell you… their cakes are amazing and their German Chocolate and Strawberry Short Cakes are the BEST!) Once dinner was done, we brought in the cake and opened it up. Everyone noticed something was written and started to read it. The shock on everyones faces were the best! All of my family came running in once word got out that we were moving. It was amazing to be able to share that experience with all of them as they offered us great advice and warm wishes. They ended up turning to into a birthday cake also for me since my birthday was just two days earlier. I got to meet my sweet baby niece for the first time also!


chinese new year

We broke the news to Mike’s family over the phone. He was just so excited that he had to share with them immediately. We had just hung up the phone officially accepting the offer and they got the phone call right after. It was so much fun calling them one by one and telling them the big news and their reactions made our decision that much more reassuring!

We also had to break the news to Frank’s beloved dog sitter. He loves her just as much as she loves him. She watches him at least once a week and she was the one that has cared for Frank every night that we have been away. That included big moments in our lives like our Wedding and our 3 week long Honeymoon! There’s not many people that I trust with my fur baby so I wish I could take her to Germany with me! She’s already planning a going away party for Frank and all of his friends! I can’t wait to take him back to his mother land since he is actually a German dog! The dachshund is the number 2 breed of dog there so I can’t wait to be surrounded by wiener dogs!


All in all, we are beyond excited. Before making our decision, we were really unsure what we wanted to do. The fear of the unknown was probably what held us back the most. And not to mention German is a really hard language to learn! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and practicing and slowly getting the hang of it. We are only going to be away for two years but we are going to make it the best two years ever. We CANNOT wait to travel and see all of Europe and just have an amazing time. I’m sure the two years will fly by and we will be back in the states before we know it. We will miss all of you and all that America has to offer but we are ready for a new adventure! We are gladly accepting visitors as I am sure we will feel homesick! We only have about a month and a half til we depart so we will have A LOT to get done by then. If anyone has any advice, we would love to hear from you!

Auf Wiedersehen und Gute Nacht!


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