The First Week

It’s hard to believe that it has already been one whole week in Germany. You want to test how strong your marriage is? Insert yourselves in a 200 square foot hotel room, add a dog, subtract all American TV except for CNN (Can I tell how brutal it is that I can’t even watch the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy?! Everyone already spoiled for me who died!), all in a country where you barely understand the language. We still have another 3 weeks in this hotel room unless we find an apartment soon. Fingers are crossed we find something soon!

image1 (3)



image2 (2)

After an 8 hour flight, we finally landed in Frankfurt. Mike and I were (and still) in complete disbelief of how great Frank did on the plane. We were 100% convinced that he would cry and be awful the whole flight. During take off he did flip out a little so I put him in my lap and he was still very anxious. After about 10 minutes of his squirming, I decided to put him back down in his bag when we finally got in the air. I’m not sure if it was all the exercise we did that day, the drone of the plane, the calming spray, or all of the above, but something worked and he was out cold! Regardless, I am just very thankful that all three of us made it out of the plane happy and in one piece!

Once we landed, it was a little bit of chaos trying to get our bags and the rental car. Not sure how we got so lucky but our Volkswagen was somehow upgraded to this sweet Mercedes. Hello Autobahn!


When we finally got to the hotel, we took showers and took a nice 5 hour nap. We really didn’t want to nap because we were trying to adjust to the jet lag but neither of us had slept because we were so worried about the dog on the plane. After finally getting up, we decided to go to downtown Wiesbaden. Everything was just so pretty! Old cobblestone streets with a ton of shops, restaurants, and cafes all lined the streets. We ended up stumbling into this cute little castle. Can you find Frank?


I had my first moment of realization when we started to get hungry and realized Oh crap, everything is written in German… Everyone speaks German.. We know zero German.. Now what?! In that moment, I had so many different emotions running through me. I went from being so excited to be there, to frustrated and helpless that I couldn’t understand, nervous that I would never pick up the language, and most importantly, LOST. Toto, we are not in the US anymore. I guess I had different expectations because when we had traveled to Thailand and Vietnam for our honeymoon, EVERYTHING was still written in English. All menus, all signs, everything. I guess they were more geared towards tourists. After walking around a bit in panic, we found ourselves a Starbucks and I never felt happier to find a piece that felt like home. Who would’ve though a white cup with that famous green lady would make me so happy. I was even happier to walk in and find that the menu was written in English! Whew! We got our coffees and sat on some steps and just people watched for a while. That night we ended up having dinner in the hotel with the English menu.

The next day, we told ourselves we needed to get out of our comfort zones and really embrace the culture. We ended up traveling to Frankfurt and hung out in the Sachsenhausen area where we knew we potentially wanted to live. The area was absolutely stunning. We found ourselves hanging out by the Eiserner Steg along the Main river which is this really awesome bridge and everyone places a love lock on there. I guess we will have to do that sometime in the next two years!






(Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, Germany)

After sitting for a while, we decided to try getting some food. We really wanted some authentic German food but apparently that is much easier said than done. We go to Germany and were do we end up? At an Asian restaurant. After staring at the German menu for a while trying to decipher what is what, the server kindly gave us an English menu. Whoops. While waiting for our food, I compared both menus to study what means what. Garnelen is prawns, cannot order Garnenlen due to allergies. Käse is cheese, no cheese please! The food finally came and it was actually delicious! Frank was pooped out from all the walking. One of my most favorite things about Germany? Dogs are allowed practically everywhere!



Over the next few days, we did some more exploring trying to get a feel on what areas we love the most and where we want to ultimately live. Let me tell you, it has been difficult and we still have no idea! Every place that we have been, we LOVED.




(Schlosspark and Berbrich Palace in Wiesbaden, Germany)






(Old town Mainz, Germany)

While in Mainz, we had some Cappuccinos at this adorable little cafe and we finally found some German food! Wiener Schnitzels! Mike of course got the super large portion with some delicious sauce.





Wieners and Wiener Schniztels!



(Downtown Wiesbaden, Germany. Top pic is the Casino and bottom is the Marktikirche)


The BEST mango mojito I’ve EVER had at Lumen!



Frank has been loving every bit of this journey so far. I guess he’s happy to be back in his motherland!

This past week I have already learned so much about myself and just life in general. So much of Germany I am already loving more than the US. In the past week, I have discovered a few things.

1. There are minimal stop signs. I’ve seen ONE the whole time here. They are mostly yields.

2. Speed limit? HAH.

3. The women’s restrooms are SO clean! I have not come across one dirty bathroom here unlike the US where half of the toilets are either clogged or covered in gross pee.

4. No one honks their horns! No one. Unbelievable. It is a very nice change coming from New Jersey where people honk at you as soon as your light turns green.

5. The yellow light at the traffic signals comes on when the light is about to turn red but also when it’s going to turn green. Talk about confusing lol

6. The light switches are backwards. Down is on and up is off. I still haven’t gotten used to that yet.

7. There is no such thing as tap water at a restaurant. You want water? You have to pay for a bottle and more than likely it will be sparkling water.

8. Visa card? Almost useless here.

9. Dogs are welcome everywhere. We spent the other day walking around the mall with Frank. Frank is almost pro at dining in a restaurant.

10. People follow the keep right pass left rule on the highway. IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!


As I’m sitting here and looking out the window, I can’t help but feel so lucky and thankful. We are so lucky to have been given this amazing opportunity to see this part of the world. We can’t express how much we miss our friends and family but we keep reminding ourselves that we will see you all again! I am looking forward to seeing what the next few years has to offer! Until next time! Auf Wiedersehen! XO


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