Eating Out in Wiesbaden

After spending a whopping 46 days living in a hotel, we have FINALLY made our way into our apartment. Unfortunately though, when we arrived, the kitchen still had not been finished. Living in a hotel and not having a kitchen became incredibly frustrating at times because eating out every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner became very tiring. But lucky for you, now I can tell you all the great places to eat! Some nights we just wanted something quick and cheap and others we enjoyed a nice night out. Here I’ll provide you some dining suggestions in the Wiesbaden area.

$ Looking for something cheap and quick?

Globus – Ostring 2, 65205 Wiesbaden

Besides being probably the best grocery store in the area, Globus offers a fairly large dining selection in the front of their store. Kind of like how Whole Foods offers food too. Our most FAVORITE go to meal was the €1 Bratwurst sandwiches. They’re big, filling, and truly delicious. Some days I’d opt to get the Currywurst mit pomme frites which was only €2,90. You can even tack on a beer for a whopping €1 or 2!

Ditsch – Langgasse 1 65183 Wiesbaden & Kirchgasse 40 65183 Wiesbaden

Ditsch is all over the place. In Wiesbaden, I’ve gotten them on a main strip downtown where I know there are at least two. They’re these little stands that sell these amazing little pizzas and pretzels. The pizza is like a way better version of an Elios pizza after a few too many drinks. Cost? €2,50!


Thai Express – Langgasse 36 Wiesbaden

This has to be my most favorite place. Funny story about here though. The first time Mike and I ever came here, we sat outside for 10 minutes waiting for a server. The server kept looking at us and just walking by. We didn’t know any German at this point so we were hesitant to wave her down. We were very hungry, got flustered, and left. We decided to give it another shot another day and the same thing happened. We were so confused. Then I saw at the very top of the menu where it says you order inside and then sit down. DOH! Rookie mistake. This place is soo good and quick. Also, there are two sides to their menu. The front is German and if you flip to the other side, English. They also offer to go and speak very good english. (PS: order number 66 or 22, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Also, the lychee drink is HEAVENLY!)


Aroma Noodle Bar – Mauritiusstraße 1, 65183 Wiesbaden *CASH ONLY

Same model as Thai Express where you order inside, find a seat, and they bring your food. You have you ask them at the front for the English menu. It’s right in the heart of downtown so if you’re out shopping and looking for a good quick meal, this is your spot! The lemonade here is also really good!

Asia Wok – Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 40, 65185 Wiesbaden *CASH ONLY

Their website simply explains their motto. “Asian specialties – fast, cheap, and good.” No English menus available here but the guy at the front speaks pretty decent English and will help you figure out what you like. He’ll ask you what you like and don’t like and if you’re feeling adventurous like I was, he’ll pick something for you. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed! They also offer these little to-go take out boxes that are as low as €3,50!

Pizzeria Salerno (Salerno to go) – Senefelderstraße 21, 65205 Wiesbaden *CASH AND PICK UP ONLY

Lucky for us, this was only right around the corner from our hotel. This was our go to whenever we did not feel like leaving the hotel and did not want the hotel food. You want good home cooked Italian? This is your place! Unfortunately though, there are no tables and chairs so you have to drive/walk all the way home drooling. We would always walk up, place our order, walk around the fields with Frank for about 10-15 minutes, and come back to a finished meal to take back. If you happen to be shopping at Globus, this place is RIGHT around the corner so you can easily pick up dinner on your way home. You can smell this place a block away!

$$ Looking for something more casual?

Mosch Mosch – Wilhelmstrasse 52 Wiesbaden

Mosch Mosch is an asian chain food type of restaurant but it’s really good. We’ve been to both the Frankfurt (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 78 Frankfurt) and Wiesbaden ones and both have been equally delicious. It was actually one of the first places we had eaten at when we had first arrived in Germany. They offer an English menu but you just have to ask the server. Their fried banana spring rolls are to die for!


ALEX – Langgasse 38, 65183 Wiesbaden

This is another one of my most favorite go to places. The food is great and the atmosphere is really cool. They’ve got a really large outdoor dining area both downstairs and upstairs. They also offer a really good brunch where it’s all you can eat for I believe only €7,95. Get the citrus mint lemonade, it’s my favorite drink in all of Wiesbaden! We have also been to the one in Mainz (Gutenbergpl. 14, 55116 Mainz) which was also very good.

Chillers – Bahnhofsplatz 1, 65189 Wiesbaden

We came here from recommendations from quite a few people from the Wiesbaden Facebook page. The location is really convenient if you’re staying at the Army Lodge or if you’re living in Hainerberg as it’s really close by.  It was a Monday and I heard about their all you can eat wings so we were definitely in for that! Unfortunately, this was the one spot I was a little disappointed in. It was fairly busy so we understood service was going to be pretty slow. From the time we sat down to the time we got our food was almost TWO HOURS. We were only able to get one drink and it was impossible to get the servers attention. We were STARVING. The server would pop by ever 20 minutes saying our food was coming. After the third time he told us, we just stopped believing him. When our food finally arrived, the wings were so terribly small, about the size of my thumb. We didn’t even bother asking for another plate of wings for fear of waiting another two hours. So we basically paid for the all you can eat and only had one serving. I truly felt bad for our server who looked like he was all by himself managing the entire restaurant, both inside and out. Needless to say, after that, it will probably take us some time to come back.

das!Burger – Grabenstraße 16, 65183 Wiesbaden

Holy YUM. If you’re looking for an awesome burger, this is your spot! I am currently salivating at the thought of their burgers and fries… They had a problem taking credit cards when we were there so I would be prepared with cash.

Vapiano – Wilhelmstrasse 52, 65183 Wiesbaden

I have a mixed review about this place. I loved the quick connivence of it. You get a card from the cashier up front, you walk up to the station, order your food, they make it right there in front of it, you eat, then pay at the register with your card. Don’t get me wrong, the salad was really refreshing and delicious. The issue? Hygiene. The only person I saw wearing gloves was the bruschetta man. Everyone was pouring in sweat and wiping their heads with their hands and arms. We had both ordered salads and I had asked for no cheese in mine. The man accidentally put cheese in mine and when we had spoke up about it, he literally picked out the all the cheese pieces with his sweaty hands. Vomit. We then watched another guy grab the lettuce with his bare hands, put into a bowl, and then dumped the lettuce back into the bin. So basically what I’m saying is enter at your own risk!

Tandoorian – Wilhelmstrasse 52 65183 Wiesbaden

We LOVE Indian food so when we walked past and smelled this place, we knew we had to give it a try. We most certainly was not disappointed! The most perfect Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan every single time we’ve been here. Mmmmmmmmm


 Maredo – Marktstraße 20, 65183 Wiesbaden

A more casual type of steak place. We’ve actually eaten at both the one in Frankfurt (An der Hauptwache 7, 60313 Frankfurt am Main) and in Wiesbaden. The one in Wiesbaden is conveniently located right by the Marktkirche church. Food is pretty decent. I just loved the option that they had a salad bar. Eating out everyday gets exhausting so it’s nice to have a lighter meal when I can.

Central Park – Mauritius Straße 3, 65183 Wiesbaden

I could honestly even place this into the cheaper category. Mike and I ordered one pizza to share and it was almost plenty enough. Food came out pretty quick and it was very good. It’s actually kind of funny because we are from the New York area so when I found out this was called Central Park, it made me giggle a little. Then I turned my back and saw a store called New Yorker and then I really felt home sick!

Du & Ich – Neugasse 18, 65183 Wiesbaden *CASH ONLY

We actually ate here for the first time fairly recently and Mike said that his meal was the best thing he has eaten the entire time he’s been here. (He ordered the pesto gnocchi) We’ve since been back and his second dish he said was just as excellent. As for me, I REALLY enjoyed my salad both times. Very fresh and very filling! Pair it with their Strawberry mint lemonade and you’re set! No English menu’s available here but the servers are really nice and will help you.


Ristorante Comeback – Goldgasse 13, 65183 Wiesbaden

This place is located at the famous Goldgasse Italian row in downtown. As soon as you turn down Goldgasse, the aroma of fresh brick oven pizza is sure enough to make you sit at the first seat available. When I looked around, I saw every single person was eating their own personal pizzas. Oddly enough, I opted to not get the pizza because I had already eaten so much pizza that I needed to lay off. We got the bruschetta to start and holy cow was it fresh and good. I ordered the Salmon with spinach which was perfectly cooked and really tasty. Mike did order the pizza and they definitely got an A+ from him.

Bratwurst Gloeckle – Schusterstraße 18 – 20, 55116 Mainz

This was actually the first authentic German food we were able to get when we had first arrived. After a day of walking around and shopping in Mainz, we decided to pop into this place for food. Decent Schnitzels and pomme frites but definitely not the best we have had in Germany. If you’re feeling really hungry, you can order the double portion of Schnitzels like Mike did. And yes, he DID finish it all, PLUS some of mine!

IMG_3137 IMG_3136

$$$ Looking for a nice night out?

Lumen – Marktpl., 65183 Wiesbaden

They are located directly behind the Marktkirche church so the view is beautiful. We have been here quite a few times and there’s a good reason for that. Not only is the food really good but the service is wonderful. We’ve had the same waitress each time and she’s the sweetest. We have always brought our pooch Frank with us and when we don’t bring him, she’s always funny about being upset that he’s not with us. I mean, he is pretty good company if I must say so myself! The food has always been really fresh and great. I’ve gotten the salad each time and it’s nice and filling. Mike’s ventured off to different things and everything has always been good. The first time we had actually been here, our food took a little longer than expected due to a large party and they were so sweet and apologetic and sent us out a dessert at the end of our meal. Also, they had the BEST mango mojito I’ve ever had in my life. You know it’s serious when there’s a piece of dragon fruit as a garnish. I’ve gotten this another night and they used an entire slice of cantaloupe as a garnish! And I’m not gonna lie, I had their giant bowl of hazelnutty chocolately ice cream heaven for dinner one night. I have no shame.


Restaurant Orangerie (inside the Hotel Nassuer Hoff) – Kaiser-Friedrich-Bad 3, 65183 Wiesbaden

The first time we had gone here, it was Mike’s birthday and we really wanted somewhere nice to go. We’ve heard some pretty nice things about this place so we decided to give it a try. Food was nothing less than spectacular. I’m personally a fan of spargel and will get it whenever I am given the option. They had the BEST spargel I’ve ever had in all the places I have tried it. At the end of the evening, they were kind enough to send us out a plate for his birthday. Everyone there was really really nice and friendly. The cappuccino was the best I have had the entire time I had been in Wiesbaden and had jokingly mentioned it to our server. The next time we came back, the server had remembered us and jokingly said “Oh are you back for the cappuccinos?” We cracked up right away. Bonus? VERY pet friendly! Frank has come with us both times we’ve been here and they even give him his own doggy bowl!

IMG_3479IMG_3549frank nasseur hoff

Momo’s Bar – Karl-Glässing-Straße 5, 65183 Wiesbaden *CASH ONLY

I’m a lover of fresh seafood and I’ve found it a little more difficult than expected to find a good piece of salmon. When I saw salmon on their menu, my eyes lit right up! Perfectly cooked and hit the spot. Mike ventured out of his comfort zone a little and ordered this really good Moroccan dish that was served in this really cool clay dish. It’s located in a nice quiet alleyway right by the Marktkirche church.

Opelbad Restaurant – Neroberg Straße 1, 65193 Wiesbaden

This place is located up the hill by Kletterwald Neroberg park and the Russian Church. Food and service was pretty decent but the views were spectacular. You get a total view of Wiesbaden. If you want you’re experience to be more fun, take the Nerobergbahn up!

IMG_3388 IMG_3393

Weinstube Gelbes Haus – Burgstraße 3, 65343 Eltville

Same as the Opelbad where the food and service was pretty good. The view and location was spectacular. If you sit out back on their patio, you get an amazing view of their vineyards and the Rhein River! There are also really cool German Tudor style homes all around. No English menus available here.



And for fun, my favorite gelato places!

Eis Cafe Rialto – Marktstr 8 Marktplaz Wiesbaden

Located right next to the Marktkirche church and a lot of my favorite dining places, this was always a great place to stop for a nice cone on my walk back to the car.

Patavium Cafe Bar Gelateria – Langgasse 28 Wiesbaden

Probably the best gelato I’ve had the entire time here in Germany. I wish they had those frequent visitor cards because I would have already earned myself 10 free cones. Love banana flavored things? The banana gelato here is to DIE for! And I don’t even like banana flavored stuff!

and when all else fails, find Eis Tony. I’ve found his van of heaven located at the PX many times. The spaghetti eis is the best! I just really enjoy watching him make the ice cream into the spaghetti. The “parmesan cheese” sprinkles also make me giggle.


I will be sure to add to the list as our journey in Wiesbaden continues! If you have any suggestions on where we should definitely go to, please feel free to let me know! We love to eat just about anything. Happy eating! 🙂

Side note: Feel free to get in touch with me if you’re either PCSing over to Wiesbaden or just arrived. I’d be happy to answer any questions or give suggestions!


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  1. Du & Ich is one of my favorites! Thanks to you I now have a few more places I am interested in checking out. Please keep an eye out for vegetarian dishes/places. (I have a friend coming and I haven’t found a place yet.) 😀


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