Tips and Advice to you Future Brides From the Wife!

Wedding season is right around the corner and in honor of our one year anniversary coming next week, I wanted to offer you future brides some advice that had been passed to me or things I had personally experienced!


Things are going to go wrong. Plain and simple. I had already mentally prepared myself that things were not going to go as planned. So thankfully, when things DID go wrong, I wasn’t as caught off guard.

– The venue was late letting us in so we weren’t able to start getting ready on time.

– When my bouquet arrived, the florist had accidentally put white ribbon instead of teal as we had talked about. I had to call them to make them come and fix it. Thankfully they were really nice about it!

– 20 minutes before I was due to get in my dress, one of my bridesmaids dresses completely broke at the zipper.

– It started to pour as soon as I walked into the church to walk down the isle covering my dress in rain drops.

– My dad stepped on my dress walking into the church and so I tripped in front of everyone.

– It poured pretty much during the entire 2 hours we had allotted for pictures after the ceremony making it incredibly difficult to get any pics. We really didn’t get many with our family because of this. :(

– Walking into our grand entrance with my new husband, he also stepped on my dress (it was bustled at this point) and broke my bustle and sent my button flying through the air.

– The DJ managed to cut our first dance to only a minute long. (Our first dance was Bruce Springsteens Jersey girl. For those who don’t know that song, it is almost 8 minutes. We told him to cut it off at exactly 4:02. He managed to cut off the most important line of the song where it goes “I know someday that she’ll wear my ring”)

– The DJ was a complete IDIOT.

– The DJs computer crashed in the middle of the reception resulting in them having to play music via my cousins phone on pandora on a microphone.

– The uplighting the idiot DJ brought didn’t work. (did I mention our DJ was an idiot?)

– The fire alarms went off during the reception sending two fire trucks outside for a while. I didn’t know about the fire trucks til the next day lol I joked saying I wish I knew they came because I would’ve told them to come in. That would’ve made for a pretty entertaining picture!

– Someone dropped a glass of red wine down the back of my dress.

– Someone dropped a cheesesteak down the front of my dress.

– Basically my white dress was covered with everything possible. But I also spent most of my night in the middle of the dance floor with everyone jamming out so I guess that’s going to be expected!


I could probably continue on and on about all that went wrong but all you can really do is prepare ahead and/or just let it go. I had packed a massive box with probably every item from target and called it the “oh sh*t box” lol heres a list of the most used items from that box.

SEWING KIT: if it was not for that, I don’t think my bridesmaid would have been able to walk down the isle with us.

Deodorant: Apparently putting deodorant on the bottom of your feet it keeps your feet from sliding in your shoes. All my maids did it and I guess it worked? As for me, I had read somewhere to put deodorant between your thighs to keep you from chafing and oh my goodness thank god I did do it! You would be surprised at how ridiculous hot and sweater your legs get under that dress!!

Mints: I think we went through an entire huge bag of lifesaver mints. No one wants smelly breath!

Scissors: They got passed around all morning for various reasons.

Snacks: I packed a box of cliff bars, box of granola bars, box of peanut butter crackers, a bag of starburst, and a bag of snickers and they got torn into after the ceremony when everyone was starting to get hungry. I only bought one box of cliff bars but I do wish I packed two because they were the one thing that went the quickest.

Water bottles: Self explanatory lol

Baby wipes: People are gonna spill stuff on your dress. It’s the inevitable. But red wine and cheesesteak was a hard one for me lol All you can do is try to get as much of it out as possible and leave the rest up to your cleaners!

Hairspray and bobby pins: Kept me and my girls hair good all night!

Eye drops: My contacts were SO dry already by the time we got to the ceremony.

Tissues: Self explanatory again lol

Tampons: Out of all the girls there, SOMEONE was bound to have/get their period. And sure enough, people did!

One big thing I knew to pack for myself were a pair of comfortable shoes! I wore my heels for the ceremony, some pics, and our grand entrance/dances. I bought a pair of platformed flip flops to keep my feet happy all night long! I highly suggest you do the same!

We didn’t want to make this day just about us. We wanted to make sure all of our guests were all well taken care of. Here is just two things we did that were a HUGE hit to accommodate our guests! The flip flops were definitely the biggest hit! We were only left with about 4 by the end of the night. It kept EVERYONE out on the dance floor dancing!

People were also so appreciative of being able to charge their phones. You use it SO much through out the day that you just forget about battery life! I didn’t want that to be the reason people aren’t able to get more pictures for us. We’ve gotten so many amazing shots from our friends and family from their phone.

I’m sure I can keep writing more and more but I think I’m gonna stop here. All you really want to remember is that the day is about you and your future husband. Whatever happens, happens. You just can’t let it ruin your night. If you dwell on one thing that went wrong, you are going to lose focus on what the day is really about. Everyone told me how quickly the day goes by and they were all right. Just remember to take a few minutes here and there to just stop and absorb all that is around you and tell your new husband how much you love him. I felt like I blinked and next thing I knew it was all over. Things are absolutely going to go wrong but you will be very surprised by how many people will have your back and be your buffers. Everyone did a great job of not letting me know of certain things that were going wrong and just took care of it for me. All of the people that are going to be there are your most beloved friends and family and will take a hit to make sure your day is the most perfect day ever. I did not find out until the next day about certain things and I am sure there are still things that I do not know about (and don’t wish to!). Just have fun! Don’t let little things bug you. Keep a smile and just keep going. There are no grudges or negativity on your day allowed. I wish you all the best and hope all of your days will be as wonderful as mine was! XO